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We are offering our services and promoting our artists so we can help you realize your musical dreams! We have learned many lessons from experience, some the hard way by making mistakes and, yes, wasting our money. We have also become friends with many who are experience and knowledgeable in their fields, whether repairing vintage amps, helping to create that “certain sound” or the sometimes brutal honesty in a studio that means saying things like,

“Can you do that again for me please?” or “Can you start it a little more on time”. We have folks who can help teach you not only how to play an instrument, but also advise you on how to arrange the music. Starting bands, promoting bands, making demos, videos, band agreements, and all the things that that go into creating and performing music that you fans will enjoy! Come along for the ride, and we’ll share our hard earned knowledge and network of folks who love to help musicians!

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