Krippled Dogz


Why We Formed


Founded in 2010 by former members of the armed services, the Krippled Dogz have taken a journey from steel to rock.



Their original songs speak to the military experience, touching a chord with veterans through gritty lyrics based on the band members’ 40 years of service. 

These same lyrics also guide civilian listeners through the journey to find meaning in the realities of military life: war, loss, family, duty, and most of all  - brotherhood.


Gus Jimmy and Jason wrote and performed the music for the album

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About Judgment Day

Our debut concept album, Judgment Day, features classic metal/hard rock riffs, harmonic guitar parts, vocals with backing harmonies, some epic instrumentals and hard hitting lyrics.
As for the title track, "Judgment Day"? Founding member Gus Mancuso, a retired Army Officer, explains: “Sure, we all volunteered.  But we don't have to like eating sand with every meal, breathing it, being so bored of the same mission, like escorting convoys of trucks which the guys from the Texas NG did in Iraq.  The fear of death is something every soldier has to grapple with every day. How to stay alert? Thinking of home. Always."

Whether you are a veteran, are from a military family, or just love good hard rock with a powerful message about the thoughts and feelings of soldiers, you will want to listen to it. the Krippled Dogz’ Judgment Day should have a place in your music library.



Judgment Day Reviews

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Krippled Dogz is a Houston-based hard rock outfit that comprises mostly of military veterans, some of them disabled, thus the inspiration for the name. The musicians are proud supporters of the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association and part of the proceeds from their album sales go towards that association.

The album opens with “Trial By Fire”, an industrial metal tune, with its main riff highly reminiscent of Rammstein.

The band sounds tight, although the riffing is somewhat generic.

What I like about the Dogz is that they don't lock themselves into hair metal territory as most new hard rock acts, but instead they take a more traditional rock approach. The lyrics hint at army life, and the music also hints at military themes. The drums on the album were recorded by Jason Mancuso, who wears two hats, as lead guitarist and drummer for the sessions. The production is top notch, thanks to mixer/producer Stephen Bogle coming on board to work with the Dogz.

There's no doubt that this is a real man's band, as when the Dogz are not singing about army life, they talk about other problems that the ordinary guy might have to deal with. “I Quit Drinking” is probably my favorite, the lyrics definitely brought a smirk to my face and deal with something I can definitely relate to. “Fast Track” was also a high adrenaline rocker, reminiscent of some good old Lemmy Kilmister tracks but with a more diverse delivery. The lyrics to “Heart Burn”, while simple strike with a deep message:

“do you hate what you see in the mirror
'cause only you can make the change”.

The album is quite pleasant and well put together, the band is tight, the tunes are good, but I feel that it misses a certain luster and memorable performances that would put it over the top and make it something more than a local act's self-financed release.

Overall a pleasant release and I would definitely enjoy hearing the band live in a local drinking establishment, which is probably what the Dogz have in mind, as in the band's bio, founding member Tony Mancuso is mentioned as just wanting to get his music out there while he can. 

"Krippled Dogz a band of U.S. Veterans debut album "Judgment Day" is a hard rock'n , heartfelt album. If you have never put your life on the line for this country at least do them the service of LISTENING. You won't be on the front lines but you can do your time. Thank you Krippled Dogz for sharing your experiences through the universal language of music”

Lane Gosnay The Bugle Boy (Aug 13, 2015)

"This band sent me a copy of their CD. Pretty bad ass. The band is full of vets, and a portion of their profits from their CD goes to a good cause. Go check them out and give them a like. Tell them Meach sent you."