Texas Humdingers

 Why We Formed

James Casassa started the band for a post office Christmas party in July, 2011, "you know just for kicks.  It was me, a neighbor down the street, John Smith, my brother Joe Casassa, his son Clay Casassa, Eric Cotrofeld, a buddy in the Post Office, and Eric's friend, Les Sandifer."  James, a Vietnam Veteran, loved the music of the 60s. Real rock and roll, real country.

 "We came up with the name when I was listening to an old Mitch Ryder song,  Good Golly Miss Molly and a line in the song goes "she's a real humdinger and I like it like that ".  James asked Gus Mancuso, who was playing bass in another band, the Krippled Dogz, if he would like to play bass in his band.  Gus was thrilled and accepted.  The Texas Humdingers performed at Veteran's benefits in Houston and Pasadena, and for local establishments.



The Texas Humdingers

 have had many guest performers who share in a love for the classic 60s and 70s rock and country genre of music and look forward to future collaborations to entertain audiences all over the Houston Area.

             Matt Currier, a classically trained musician and vocalist,  accepted James' offer to be in the band and the Humdingers are again pleasing audiences young and old with the magical sounds that began Southern rock and Country music!



Performing at the Pasadena Rodeo Arena for Vets!

Here are some recordings we have made!